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Business Hub - Jon Bell Counselling & Sports Psychotherapy

Hello, I am Jon Bell.

I’m counsellor and sports psychotherapist with a home-based clinic in Acomb, offering counselling support to the people of York.

I recently opened Jon Bell Counselling & Sports Psychotherapy Ltd, which runs alongside my work with Leeds-based mental health organisation Mantality, where I am the principal psychotherapist.

My clinic is a warm and welcoming environment that provides a safe space to explore a client’s challenges. Whilst I do have a speciality in Sports Psychotherapy, I see clients from all backgrounds, facing a wide range of challenges in their life, and I welcome non-athletes to my practice as I do those from a sports setting.

Having completed my Masters research into the issue of vulnerability in rugby league, as well as personally spending time in the game at an elite level, I have first-hand experience and clinical understanding of how striving for authenticity in the toughest of sports can present athletes and non-competitors alike with a template for happier, wholehearted living.

Being a small independent business in the city, it is critical for me to make connections across York and ensure that I find the channels through which I can communicate the nature of my work. Counselling is often misunderstood and through connection and conversation, I hope that my affiliation with YCK Business Hub will give my counselling practice the forum and relationships to develop into a one that is trusted and respected amongst those whom I am privileged to work with in the future.

I am delighted to be joining the Business Hub!

If you are interested in joining the Business Hub or want more information, contact us at


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