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Sam Scott takes on Three Peaks challenge in Race Against Dementia

York City Knights forward Sam Scott will be taking on the epic 26-mile Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge on Saturday 17th October to raise vital funds for the Race Against Dementia.

Sam’s mother Anne Scott was diagnosed in her mid 50s with Frontotemporal Dementia, a rare form of of Dementia which unfortunately is a relatively new disease and there remains no cure or drug to slow progression.

Scott said: “She was a great mum, hard working and a fantastic person who was so fun to be around with a real zest and enjoyment for life. Now should be the time where she would be able to enjoy retirement with her husband Paul, her children and now grandchildren, but unfortunately this has been taken away which is obviously devastating for family, friends and all involved who know Anne.

“She now struggles to communicate, ask or answer any questions or show any emotion. It's particularly tough to see someone you love decline at such a rapid rate.

“This is not the only family member who has suffered from a form of dementia in our family, our grandma Ruth Scott also struggled with Alzheimer's as did Great Uncle Jerome.

“It would be great if we could play a small part in raising funds to prevent other families going through what Mum and family have experienced.”

To donate towards the Three Peaks Challenge, please visit Sam Scott’s fundraising page HERE - all donations would be very much appreciated.

To find out more about the important work that the Race Against Dementia charity does, please click HERE.


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