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Vice-Captain Ashleigh Hyde Honoured

By Joe Neadley

York City Knights’ Ashleigh Hyde is “honoured” by her newly promoted status as the club’s vice-captain.

The England international and origin player has been a loyal servant to the club and is ecstatic that her hard work and patience has now paid off.

She said. “It is honour to be named the club’s official vice-captain. I am thrilled to be in a position where I can help get the best out of my team mates too.

“I feel as though I am in a better situation to help build confidence with fellow players, being there for them in times of need too.

“I will now strive for perfection and pass on what I have already learnt to others as well as continue to develop myself as a player as I feel as though the role will only improve myself too.”

Hyde has been named as the club’s vice-captain, working alongside the club’s primary captain in Katie Langan.

Both have served multiple seasons at the club, with Langan being a previous holder of the clubs’ official “Woman of steel” and “players player of the year”.

Reflecting on the upcoming ‘partnership’ with Langan, Hyde commented. “I have known Katie (Langan) for years, even before playing rugby league.

“We have always been rather close, always got on well with each other and now to work together for the club in such a capacity excites me deeply.

“As a club, we treat each other like a family rather than as just team mates and hopefully some exciting times lay ahead for all of us as me and Katie will hope to lead by example.”

Hyde also starred in York’s emphatic 56-0 win over South Leeds Spartans last time out.

Bagging a try as well as assisting with others, Hyde rotated between various playing positions throughout the clash.

An adaptable figure, she relished in having such a level of involvement.

She said. “My preferred position is centre but recently, I have had to participate in other roles, such as the second-row and sometimes at half-back but I enjoy that.

“I thrive on helping the team out as best as I can. I do prefer to be a centre throughout the season but I will still happily jump into those positions if needs be.

“My time in the second-row though is something other squad members can benefit from as if I can be potent there than our regular players playing there can be too considering I am not a natural in the position.

“As for the game on Sunday against South Leeds Spartans, it was just what we needed, especially as we have some fixtures coming up that we think we can perform efficiently in.

“We needed that boost after the tough match against Castleford Tigers.

“But against South Leeds, we were able to throw the ball around more, having some fun with it here and there, as well as being more clinical and laying the platform down of hopefully what is to come when the season finally gets going!”


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