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York RLFC partners with Rugby League Uganda

York RLFC are delighted to be partnering with Rugby League Uganda to support the development of rugby league in the African country.

York will provide financial and material resources to aid the development of rugby league in Uganda, which will be overseen by York Valkyrie Director of Rugby Lindsay Anfield.

Together, York RLFC and Rugby League Uganda will form York-RLU Academy in Uganda to create a formal player pathway for Men and Women's Under-16s sides.

The partnership follows the outreach work done by Anfield with the community.

Anfield explained: "We will be observing and supporting the player development programmes in Uganda, and up-skilling coaches through face-to-face and online mentoring and education.

"We will do this alongside supporting the Club Championship Programme which will feed into the National Academy.

"The hope is that we will see Ugandan players representing the Knights and the Valkyrie at some point in the future.

"We look forward to a close collaboration with their performance staff, along with our Club identity being embedded across the nation."

Geno Daniel, the President of Rugby League Uganda, said: “I'm thrilled that York RLFC are going to become a part of the Rugby League Uganda family, where they will offer a unique talent identification, development, and education programme for our players.

"Our partnership highlights the Federation's capacity to draw prestigious sports companies and brands from around the globe to work with us.”

Fortunate Irankunda, the Founder of The Whales Rugby League Academy Uganda, said: "Having a partnership with York RLFC is the biggest step to the promised land.

"It's like an athlete's journey to the long-awaited gold medal."

Previously, Irankunda spoke to York RLFC on International Women's Day about the development of the game and how the sport is an outlet for girls to escape child marriage in the country.

York RLFC Chairman Clint Goodchild added: "This Club's legacy reaches far beyond the wins and losses on the field of play.

"We wish to create opportunities, provide support and encourage everyone regardless of their location, gender or economic environment.

"Rugby league is a game for all and at York RLFC we are committed to having a positive impact in communities both at home and abroad."

More information on the collaboration and how to support York-RLU academy will be available soon.

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