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2020 Patrons Revealed

As the Knights prepare for the 2021 season, we would like to reveal the full list of Patrons who will appear on the warm up T-shirt and have their names displayed at the LNER Community Stadium.

As well as revealing these names, we ask that all supporters who donated their Membership money from 2020 and became Patrons to please check that they are on the list and that their name is spelt correctly.

When announcing the options available to Members following the cancellation of the 2020 season, all those in a position to donate their refund back to the club became Patrons were given several rewards.

One of those was for their name to appear on the 2021 team warm up t-shirt and to have it displayed at the LNER Community Stadium.

The design of the shirt will be revealed shortly, with these available to purchase soon.

If you donated your 2020 Season Ticket refund to the club, please check the list of names below to check that your name appears on the list and that it is spelt correctly.

If your name does not appear on the list and you have donated your 2020 refund, or it appears with incorrect spelling, please email us at no later than Thursday 18th February.

Steve Adams

David Kendall

Holly Addy

Josh Kendall

Rachel Addy

Peter Kendall

Stephen Addy

Sarah Kendall

Kenneth Anderson

John Kew-Robson

Callum Atkin

Maureen Kildin

Elise Atkin

Jeannie Knowles

Leighton Atkin

Katy Knowles

Sean Atkin

Andy Knowles

Neil Atkinson

Emily Knowles

Oliver Atkinson

Patricia Langthorne

Riley Atkinson

Peter Lavelle

Wendy Atkinson

Anthony Leadbeater

Colin Bailey

Matthew Lewis

Pauline Bailey

Richard Lillie

Andrew Bardy

Geoffrey Machin

Harrison Barnes

David Malham

Charlie Barras

Joshua Mann

James Barras

Tim Mann

Jolene Barras

John -jay Beard

John Matthews

Philip Beck

Nigel Maud

John Bell

Pauline Maud

Adam Benton

Shirley Mawer

James Benton

Raymond Mawson

David Berry

Michael May

Peter Birch

Robert May

Peter Blenkin

Wendy Mckenna

Hudson Bowler

Caroline Mercer

Steven Bowler

Steven Mercer

Nigel Bowling

Elaine Miller

Paul Boyne

Tony Miller

Ian Braithwaite

Barry Milner

Joanna Braithwaite

Elizabeth Moore

Allan Brown

Luke Moore

Leo Brown

Lyas Moore

Pauline Brown

Richard Moore

David Bunce

Richard Moss

Stuart Burton

Nigel Moulton

Helen Caddie

Peter Moulton

Russell Caddie

Reece Murphy

Michael Calpin

Paul Murray

Val Calpin

Colin Neale

Anthony David Calvert

Mark Neale

Pam Calvert

Tony Neary

Michael Cammidge

Wendy Nendick

Teddy Cammidge

Chris Newman

Peter Carbert

David Nicholson

Jeff Carlton

Peter Norris

Dave Carter

Phillip Norris

Joy Carter

Stephen Norris

Neville Chappell Norris

Ron Clark

Lisa Olsen

Beryl Coates

Steve Olsen

Simon Coates

Brian Orchard

Leo Cooper

Tony Pallister

Dorothy Curzon

Alan Pavis

Philip Dacre

Lynne Pavis

Silvia Dacre

Karen Pearson

Andy Darbyshire

Kenneth Pearson

David Darking

Gary Penrose

Dave Dawson

Graham Perrin

Vince De Pasquale

Jayne Perrin

John Deighton

Lois Perrin

Bradley Denton

William Pierson

Jack Denton

Robert Porter

Alfie Dickinson

John Powell

Charlie Dickinson

Harriet Puckering

Diane Dickinson

Steven Puckering

Terry Dickinson

Jim Race

Emily Dodsworth

James Richardson

George Dodsworth

Sharon Richardson

Dexter Dowson

Steven Richardson

Dylan Dowson

Raymond Richmond

Dave Edwards

Steve Robinson

Eric Evans

Graham Robinson

Peter Fairclough

Irene Robinson

Tristan Fayers

John Rochester

Caroline Fentiman

Chris Ruddock

Malcolm Ferguson

Lauren Ruddock

Annette Fillingham

Lynda Ruddock

Daniel Fillingham

John Russell

Scott Fillingham

Michael Sanderson

Phil Fletcher

Barry Sellers

Alison Foster

David Seymour

Martin Foster

Elliott Seymour

Ryan Foster

Lewis Sharp

Sophie Foster

Steve Sharp

Barbara Fox

Andy Shelton

Josh Gandy

Chris Shelton

Steve Gent

Cohen Shepherd

Simon Gill

Savanna Shepherd

Nancy Gillon

Wendy Shortle

Sue Gillon

Chris Simpson

Andrew Gomersall

David Smallwood

Lionel Goodrick

Kieran Smallwood

Keith Gover

Ben Smith

Mark Gowland

David Smith

David Graham

June Smith

Andrew Grainger

Mike Smith

Barry Gray

John Spaven

Bethany Greaves

Paul Starkey

Jason Greaves

Shaun Stevens

Simon Green

Jeremy Stowe

Michael Green

Joseph Stowe

Zach Gulliver

John Sturdy

Jake Gulliver

Andy Sullivan

David Hackford

Jane Sunman

Arun Haley

Robert Sunman

Rhys James Haley

Adam Tattersall

Dave Hall

Audrey Tattersall

Gary Hall

John Taylor

Louise Hamilton

Patricia Taylor

Sam Hamilton

Janice Thompson

Victor Handley

Luke Thompson

Stephen Harbron

Peter Thompson

Geoffrey Harrison

George Thornton

Kathleen Harryman

Linda Thorpe

David Hatliff

Charlie Tinker

Kev Hayes

Lily Tinker

Chris Hearld

Jonathan Tulloch

Ray Hearld

Mark Turner

Denise Hewitt

Dhani Vardy

Nigel Hewitt

George Waite

Richard Hewitt

Greg Waite

Ian Hick

Michael Waite

Richard Hill

Rachel Waite

Andrew Hillman

Kenneth Walker

Charles Hillman

Aaron Walsh

Elizabeth Hillman

Andrew Walton

Andy Hinds

Bill Walton

Kirsty Hinds

Christopher Ward

Jacob Hobman

Brian Watson

Oscar Hobman

Jacob Watson

Liam Hobman

Marcia Watson

Peter Hoggard

Alfie Watson-Stubbs

Andrew Hornby

Jonny Watson-Stubbs

Dave Horner

Spencer Watson-Stubbs

Martyn Horwell

James Webb

Tom Howell

Paul Webb

Christopher Hudson

Joy Willis

Sandra Hudson

Annette Wilson

David M Husband

Gav Wilson

David R Husband

Mark Winfield

Andrew Hutchinson

Barry Woodcock

Rhys Hutchinson

Diane Wrigglesworth

Kathleen Iggulden

Geoff Wrigglesworth

Paul Iggulden

Ann Wright

Richard Iggulden

Barbara Wright

David Ince

Jim Wright

Ben Ingledew

Thomas Ingledew

Roy Young

Haxby Sports Bar

Katie Jacques-Averill

Browns Plasterers

Thomas Jacques-Averill

EYS (East Yorkshire Shutters)

Angel Jakobsen


Joyce Jenkinson-Smith Clinical Technologies

Angela Johnson

The Bootham Tavern Knights Social Club

Sam Johnson

Cllr Mark Warters

Mark Jubb


Plb Projects Ltd


Key Partners