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Bass: "There isn't anywhere else I'd rather be!"

After penning new terms for 2021, Jason Bass is keen to develop his game further with the Knights.

“York is a club that focuses on improvement and I think that has a big impact on me,” he said after extending his stay into a third year. “If you are willing to work hard on and off the field the people are willing to invest their time and effort to aid you in becoming better.

“There isn’t anywhere else I’d rather be right now,” he furthered, adding his admiration for the setup at the Knights and the following from the fans. “With the new stadium and facilities coming to top it off, it’s an exciting time to be a Knight.

“Everything is set up for us to succeed.”

That final point echoes the sentiment aired by one of Super League’s best-ever players Ryan Atkins who, after signing for the club, outlined his belief that the Knights have all the ingredients to push for promotion next season.

As a young back continuing to develop, Bass acknowledges that the chance to play and train alongside the two-time Super League Dream Teamer. “Ryan has a huge amount of experience and anything I can pick up from him will be a bonus,” he outlined.

“Having players like Ryan coming into the squad is invaluable for us as they bring everyone up to their level at training and on the field.”

Head coach James Ford has previously stated that there is going to be serious competition for places at the Knights next season and Bass expressed his belief that it will push him onto be the best player he can be. “It’s great that we are recruiting well,” he reasoned.

“Competition for places is what we always need and will only bring out the best of us as players.

“I just want to focus on my own game and keep improving week on week. That’s where my focus will be.”

A great reward for those who make the team each week will be the chance to run out at the LNER Community Stadium, a prospect Bass is excited at. “The stadium looks fantastic. I had the pleasure of having a tour around the facilities and it’s got the making of a Super League club,” he noted.

After a lengthy break from rugby league following the curtailment of the 2020 Betfred Championship season, there is an eagerness among the Knights squad to get back into training for a sense of normality and to hit the ground running next season. Following the long break, however, Bass admits someone else may be looking forward to it more than him! “I think my girlfriend will be a lot happier to have me out of the house again,” he joked.

“I’ve missed rugby and I will be happy when we can get in together and get back to the grind,” Bass added, further noting that, during the time away from the game, he got heavily into cycling, something which he admits saw him through.

Bass then joined his fellow Knights in thanking the fans for their recent display of generosity and support, confirming just how big an effect they can have on the team. “They’re excellent, I don’t think they realise the effect they can have on you,” he expressed. “We’ve been in a lot of tight games over the past couple of years and having that group to help motivate you when you’re fatigued is awesome.

“Hopefully we can repay their support with a strong 2021 campaign.”


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