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Bettie Lambert Q&A

This weekend, the Knights' own Bettie Lambert could feature in Ireland's inaugural international fixture.

The winger has been named in John Whalley's 19-player squad ahead of their game with Wales this Sunday in Colwyn Bay.

Ahead of the match, we caught up with Bettie in a special Q&A.

Q: Bettie, tells us how much you're looking forward to this game on Sunday and what's it been like working with this Ireland team?

A: I'm looking forward to it. It's good to get to know other people. I'm used to training just with the York girls, don't really know anyone else at other clubs. There are Super League players, Championship players and then obviously the girls from Ireland as well.

Q: Can you tell us about training? Where does Ireland train and how often do you get to meet up?

A: Training is in Wigan. It's once every two weeks. I just get on a train and do a bit of reading up about some of the players that I'll be going up against. When we get there, we do a three-hour session. We do that once every two weeks.

Q: This is going to be the first ever international game for Ireland's women's rugby league team. How do you feel about possibly being part of such a historic occasion?

A: Quite proud to be honest, it's not something I expected to be doing at the international level. To be a part of something that's going to be making history, it makes me proud to be a part of it.

Q: Did you ever expect to be playing on the international stage?

A: Even if you would have said in the beginning of this year that I would be playing at an international level, even in five years time, I would have laughed. I haven't been playing that long so it's never really crossed my mind. Then obviously, here we are.

Q: Do you think York's success this year has helped you get into this Ireland team?

A: With all the changes at York, I do feel they did play a big part in my selection for Ireland. I felt like I have progressed as a player since the changes have come along.

Q: The girls were given a couple of weeks off after the season finished. You obviously continued to train in preparation for Ireland. Are you going to get these two weeks after Sunday or are you going straight back into pre-season training?

A: No, not really. We had out two weeks off but I was still training. Now we're doing our six weeks training programme. After this game it's straight back into it, ready for pre-season. So, no rest but I'd rather keep going than have that break anyway.


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