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Getting To Know Autohorn Fleet Services

Throughout lockdown and the challenging times rugby league is faced with due to Covid-19, we are hugely grateful to all of our club partners and, in the coming weeks, we are hoping to showcase all of them to our fans.

Autohorn Fleet Services, a vehicle hire and lease company, have been based in York since 1995 and, after steady progression to now boasting over seventy professionals and two and a half thousand vehicles, are set to celebrate 25 years of success within the city. Further, the organization are set to move into a brand new, multi-million pound head office at Clifton Moor.

Autohorn Fleet Services have been involved with the club for the past four years but, as Sales and Operations Director Scott Jenkins tells us, the company has had an association with the city for much longer. “All of us are local to York,” he said to the club’s official website. “We’ve either raised family here, grew up here or even studied here and haven’t left the city since.

“We’re in love with the local community and really want to help raise the profile of York.”

So, when the opportunity arose to become a club partner, they didn’t want to miss out. “How could we say no?” Scott remarked. “The members of the club are great to work with and we’re glad that we’re in a position to be able to support them whilst they battle through the league.

“We’re part of the greatest club in the world, how could we not go, watch and support our favourite team? Everything from wins to the losses and the fans to the sport, we’ve enjoyed every match day experience.”

Like all involved with the club, then, it’s no surprise to find that all at Autohorn are relishing the prospect of watching the Knights play at the LNER Community Stadium in the not-too-distant future. “It’s a move we’ve been waiting for a while,” Scott explained. “The new LNER Community Stadium looks great and we cannot wait to see it packed full of fans waiting for that first game whistle.

His enthusiasm at being involved with the Knights clear, Scott also outlined what Autohorn gets out of being a club partner. “It’s only right that we give something back to the community, either by boosting the local economy or supporting others who need help the most,” he explained.

Each year, Autohorn look to support and mentor a local business or organization as well as supporting a local charity, something they believe they are able to do through continued association with the Knights. “Being part of the club helps us fulfill our plan of giving back and we’re extremely grateful to be able to have that opportunity.

While lockdown has hit the sport of rugby league hard, there is no doubt that the impact it has had on wider society has been vast. When asked of advice they would give people to cope through lockdown and the new reality in which we live, Scott was keen to outline his wish for people to look out for each other. “Social distancing and not being able to do your ‘usual’ routine will take a bigger knock on your mental health as you might think,” he reasoned.

“So, if there’s one tip we can pass on, it would be to speak out and talk to anybody: prioritise those weekly video chat meetings with your family, friends or colleagues and maybe invite somebody else to the call! Assure those you love that you’re with them and that together we’ll beat this.

Indeed, we at the Knights share those views on supporting others and ensuring we all look after our mental health and, as we slowly emerge from lockdown over the coming weeks and months, a final note from Scott pushes people to support each other.

“Mental health is a personal issue for us, and rather than showing support to us directly, please support each other. Be kinder and try to speak to those who you wouldn’t usually speak to.”

If you would like to get in contact with Autohorn Fleet Services, visit their website at or email

York City Knights would like to pass on their condolences to the family and friends of Richard Baines, the founder of Autohorn who sadly passed away recently.


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