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Langan Proud to lead Ladies from the front

By Joe Neadley

York City Knights Ladies have found themselves a “proud” club captain in one Katie Langan.

Langan has been named in the role just this season, with team mate Ashleigh Hyde as her vice-captain, and is excited by the times ahead of such a partnership.

She said. “I was extremely proud to be named as the clubs’ official captain. It was an emotional feeling because the previous captain Carly and I are very good friends.

“She is currently out injured and therefore, I have had to step in.

“It has given me and my vice-captain Ashleigh (Hyde) a chance to lead the team in our own way and I expect me and Ashleigh to thrive in our partnership.

“Ashleigh is a lot younger than me, but I have known her a lot of years and I think we really could make this work.

“She has plenty of experience within rugby league as well so hopefully we can bring the team forward into the new season as well.

“It is an honour and I hope to do not only my predecessor as well as the club proud.”

Though honoured by such an event, the indefinite hiatus to the season due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has somewhat put a dampener on things.

However, Langan is not letting it slow her down and though she may be missing her team mates, she is finding new ways to remain physically active, even providing inspiration in her own household.

She said “I am hoping that we all pull through this. Especially for the girls too as they have put in a lot of effort in pre-season.

“I am missing them very much. To go from meeting up more than once a week to then not at all is a strain.

“We just have to cope for now but obviously, the sooner we get back training with each other, the better.

“Personally, I have been trying to get in as much training as I can. I have been training in a morning with my oldest son, we have been utilising the Joe Wicks work out videos.

“I have also gone out the way and followed others, such as Tyson Fury as well as out jogging.

“They have been really good to do. Something extra to keep busy too.

“I am just trying to do much as I can as I am keen to remain as fit as possible for when we return.”

Reflecting on last season, the Knights finished seventh out of the eight teams.

As a result, Langan felt as though it left much room for improvement and is targeting just that despite the circumstances.

“I am hoping for a much improved season when we get back. I know the girls are more than capable of going again.” Katie said.

“We just need to push ourselves that extra step.

“I think we will just have to go out and try our best. We would like some silverware obviously but we have to get to a level where we are capable of achieving such a feat.

“I also hope that the supporters too will be eager to come back and will be in full voice for our first game back onwards!”


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